The Studio of All Studios

Cass’s Pittsburgher Creative Jam


Stevie and Ebbers

Stevie and little Ebbers hangin around in the back country.


City on the Hill

Cinque Terre



Stevie Doubled

Here’s an accidental double exposure I shot back in the winter. Excited it actually came out!

Longest Table Ever

Came across this puppy on a little gig in SOHO last week. Sweet!

Sir Marcus

Sea Granite posse in Big Sur.


Fletcher Matthew

Mr. Matthew Fletcher at the keys.


Front Row Tailgate Partay

Looking forward to seeing these faces in a few days. Scotty and Sammy are old college buddies of mine. I’ve used these guys in some old campaigns and pitches to clients. They will also be gracing the pages of a little print dealio that I am currently putting together.


Carolina Sun

Winter up north gets a little chilly. Breaking away from the city and breathing in some warmer fresh air is always great. More images to come of my sweet Carolina.


Panda World Dominance

Stevie Kickin It

Stevie logging in some time on the tree bridge – Holly Jims Trail


Explosives strapped onto ice cream bars. Who does that…? What a great idea.

Getting Rosay

Michael Rosas – The man, the myth, the legend at the Santa Ana studios shredding away at a few new tunes with the boys. And that Tele… That thing is awesome. Michael’s got quite an arsenal of wonderful axes.


Hamburger Wednesday Kamakura

Wow, its been three years since this photo was taken. A lot has changed in Japan since then. This trip was insane though. Really dig that country and the time spent working with some amazing people over at Generic Youth and Kinji. GY used to do this thing called “Hamburger Wednesday” where my buddy Scotty would grill up some mean burgers (with a secret recipe) every Wednesday at the design HQ in Newport Mesa. The tradition was passed onto the GY flagship store in Kamakura. Pictured above is a gal devouring one of Scott’s mouth watering burgers. So hungry now…


J Huff the Wizard

My friend Josh is a real life Gandalf. He art directs, rebuilds old cars, and makes guitars using his two hands and a magic wand. I was able to sit in and snap a few pics of him casting spells on a few beauties he made from scratch. Rumor has it these guitars sound really good. Can’t wait to tinker with one when I get back to California.


Just had a second peak. This face is photoshopped. Tad bit Creepy…

Silverlake Studios with Gash

I cruised up to LA a few months back with my buddy Corey Gash to track some drums for a Patagonia music compilation. The engineers had me sit in and plug in some guitar riffs. Gash forgot his kick pedal this session, so the boys decided to program some in. Fun night…


Armed & Harmless

Armed & Harmless – E Hop


Arigatou Gozaimasu – Happy St. Patty’s Day Nipon Style.

Joe Meets Joy Coffee

I just started getting into drinking coffee again. I’ve never been a big coffee fiend as I used to bounce off the walls and get really sprung off the stuff and come crashing down hours later. Anyways, here’s a few shots from a campaign I shot for my friends over at Aster Avenue and Joe Meets Joy Coffee. We had a blast going back and forth brainstorming for days before we met up and shot photos. More than actually taking the pictures, I really enjoy the conceptual process of piecing a campaign together.

The Green Vest

Found this guy rummaging through a thrift store in New Zealand. I pulled it out of the archives for a little go tomorrow. Its a charcoal toned green. Hoping I don’t get pinched by a leprechaun. Fingers crossed…


I teamed up with my friends over at ARWE to wrap up a site for Nitin Vadukul a few months back. Dig Nitin’s work. He’s mainly a photographer, but he also tinkers around with video work. Keep an eye out for his stuff, its pretty much amazing!

Jimi Gleason Coast to Coast

Jimi Gleason from Left to Right. California to New York. This guy’s work is mind boggling. If you get the chance you should google his name. He doesn’t have a website, but you’ll stumble across some wonderful art. Check it out – J

And We’re Baaaa

ck – Yes, its true we are back and healthier than ever. Thanks to my web guru friends Olin and Joey for the help! To celebrate, here’s a little deal I recently meshed together of some images from 2011. Stay tuned, some great things ahead for 2012. Be well. Cheers! – J

Day One with the New Standards

Day One with the New Standards – Let the wearing, tearing, & fading begin – Thanks APC for the hooks! BTW if any Juan cares, these photos were shot in the Brooklyn home office which occasionally morphs into a studio. Word…

245 10th Ave

245 10th Ave – Here’s a shot from a shoot for WBC. I used to walk by this place on the High Line all the time and nerd out on its cool architecture. Got a few more gigs here coming up. Very fortunate to be working with some good people and documenting some exciting things.

Wikipedia on 2pac

I’m not a big Hip Hop, Rap, or R&B person – One of my clients gave me a few songs off that JZ/Kanye album that hit the shelves in 2011. I actually like it. Anywho, a new book on the murder conspiracies of 2pac and Biggy came out recently. I ended up doing a little bit of wikipedia research on the crimes and came across this little line on 2pac the other day – “Shakur’s body was cremated and some of his ashes were later mixed with marijuana and smoked by members of the Outlawz.” I don’t smoke, but wow… true or not, that’s pretty wild!

Hackers Got Me Good

Crazy dudes in India, Russia, China, or the CIA hacked into the database here and injected some fairly lethal streams of CMS nerd virus. The team is working diligently to resolve this issue via Iphones, Ipads, notepads, sketch pads, memory foam pads, and yoga pads up top of the Gansevoort Hotel while sipping on Arnold Palmers and pounding some heavy shots of V8. Please be patient, we’ll get this thing back to good health in no time – J


Mista Grohl

Mista Grohl – Got to spend an evening backstage with some friends from home at a little deal in November. Had a blast catching up and hanging out. Many thanks to uncle Joe of Truth Agency for the connects!


California Citrus

California Citrus – A shot from a hike in the backyard. Props to Corey Gash for supplying the really, really old slide film. This day was one for the books and a great little break from the hustle and bustle of city living.


Montauk or Bust

Brother Noel lifestylin for the camera in Mantauk – This dude is my new lifestyle inspiration. He’s been through a lot of crazy stuff. Growing up in the hood ain’t easy – he’s managed to claw his way out of Flatbush hood rat stuff and build a successful business in New York City. Self educated and hard working – Noel Campbell every juan. I’ll be wrapping up a piece on this guy in the weeks to come. Be on the lookout!


Eye See Yu

Eye See Yu


Good song

Fletcher James

Mr. James Fletcher – James keeps a solid beat. Always. Here’s the man banging away in the Santa Ana studio. He’s laid some tracks and toured with Matt Costa in the past. As of late, he put out a solo album entitled the Booze & Clocks, which is available on itunes and is pretty killer. Also in the works is a project with his brother Matthew and some friends. Pumped to see what the future holds for these guys.