Verk Essstaction

Inspiration – Verk Essstaction

The Tulips

Last night at The Pheasant with Brother Jared and The Tulips

Hi Kang

Inspiration – Hi Kang

In the Yungle

Brother Brecht – New York City


Inspiration – Ponderang

Great Brittan

Sister Brittany – Manhattan

Up in Hur

Inspiration – Up in Hur

Sha Red

Brother Sam – Sha Red

Silence Television

Inspiration – Silence Television

Krunchin Avay

Sister Betsy – Krunchin Avay at her Sunset Blvd office


Inspiration – Vespatalia – How good is this?!?

Paddle Powwwer

Sister Taylor – The BU

Flash Furward

Inspiration – Flash Furward

Italiano Memwars

Italiano Memwars

Thinkin too Mucho

Inspiration – Thinkin too Mucho

Upp and Dowwn

Upp and Dowwn

Hang me up to dry

Inspiration – Hang me up to dry

ALS Studio

Sister Cass – Pittsburgher – ALS Studio

Desert Lyfe

Inspiration – Desert Lyfe

Floundering Round NYC

Basque Brother Goratz floundering round NYC

Onnn Guarde

Inspiration – Onnn Guarde

Basque Phamilia

Sister Sonia & Brother Mikel campaigning for eyewear retail – Basque Phamilia

Verk eStacionne

Inspiration – Verk eStacionne

Audio Visual

Audio Visual – Some imagery and sounds from Summer 2011


Inspiration – Vindohws

Giddie Up CowGurl

Sister Andrea – Giddie Up CowGurl

Like Nunnn Udder

Like Nunnn Udder – Florence

Well Dunnn

Inspiration – Well Dunnn

Levitating Levanto

Levitating Levanto – Cinque Terre

Jus Daynce

Inspiration – Jus Daynce

Grannnma Alberta

Grannnma Alberta – Torino

Botalls nah Kans

Inspiration – Jus klap yo hans


Inspiration – DEZINE KWOTE



Verkinnn Veek

Inspiration – Verkinnn Veek

Ground Zero Foot Traffic

Ground Zero Foot Traffic – 9.11.11

Ere Fishee Fishee

Inspiration – Ere Fishee Fishee

Set Out the Back

Set Out the Back

City Chark

Inspiration – City Chark

Beech Baybes

Beech Baybes – Sorrento

Sign of the Times

Inspiration – Sign of the Times


Brother Felixxx – Bilbao

Divvve Team

Inspiration – Dive Team

Fighting Ze Traphic

Fighting Ze Traphic

Lurke Out Bee Lowe

Inspiration – Lurke Out Bee Lowe

Aussie Pat

Brother Pat – Cinque Terra

Cittay Perspppectivos

Inspiration – Cittay Perspppectivos

Venizian Rhythm

Venizian Rhythm


Inspiration – Rohopes

Bay Bay

Sister Bay Bay – In town from Taitung, Taiwan for the 2011 Malibu Classic