Onward Ho

T’was a great year. Cheers to the next!

Last Day of the Year

Last Day of the Year

Tiffany in Time Square

My buddy Tiff styling out in time square. Check out her line. Pretty rad!

The Red Dot

Tokyo Spring 2010

Speed Czech

Speed Czech – The Ocean Blue

Johnny B

Brother Johnny from the Mexican archives.

Grinder Salad

Grinder Salad


Is fun – Photo by brother Keith

A Dangerous Game

Chess in Union Square NYC

Top Performers

Top Performers

Every Photographer in New York

Inspiration – Every Photographer in New York

More Christmas Tree Fun

Merry Christmas Baby Jesus

Holiday Lovebirds

Holiday Lovebirds // NYC

Back in time

Went to visit my friend El Morro the other day. Times have changed.

Oh Christmas Tree

Mr. Gash’s Christmas tree for the gals over at A’Marees. Ya Dig!?!

Yoga Fire

Brother Scotty AKA “Ting” pulling yoga moves for the bunnies on the beach!

Jail House Bloos

Inspiration – Jail House Bloos

Glow in the dark

Glow in the dark

Juanita’s Sandwich Shop

Here’s Juanita owning it at the local sandwich shop in Santo Domingo.

Under the Radar

Not quite inspiration – Why would you do this? Or would you…?

Falling Out

Falling Out – An old landing page mock that never made the cut.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Weave Project

Scott and Dave from the first installment of the Weave Project CM at GY.

Lauren Beitel Photography

Inspiration – Digging this shot Lauren took. Amazing!

Night Lights

The Big Apple

Point & Chute

Point & Chute – 12.12.20 – Music by jimmypham.net

Miguel Manuel Martinez

Santo Domingo’s favorite Fruit Vendor

Up . Down . Left . Right

Up . Down . Left . Right

This How We Roll

Dominican Moto Warriors

Summer Dance

A revised edit from the Summer Archives.

Sun Spots

Sun Spots

Ocean Bloo

Inspiration – Ocean Bloo

McSorley’s Old Ale House

McSorley’s Old Ale House – NYC. Dark or Light. What’ll it be?


Inspiration – NASA

Moto Babe

Moto Babe – Dominican Highlands

Fallin’ for Summer

California Summer in December – Yesterday was a scorcher.




Inspiration – Mongoliano. How killer is that head piece!?!

Tea Time

Tea time with Tea in the Woods.


De la extravaganza – Santo Domingo


NYC Subway


Brother Dave for Almond Surfboards.

Eskimo Fro

Inspiration – Eskimo babe rockin’ an Alaskan fro

Patterns of Big Sur

Patterns of Big Sur


Inspiration – Winter

Fall Florals

Floral set up for an event at the office this fall.

Hope for the Dominican

Inspiration – Off to the DR to document and work in the field with Hope Int.

Style Master Scott

Scott’s the man! Used him for a web and print campaign the other day.

Striking Gold

Soho treasure packaged up in a little cube. Just add H2O…!

New York, New York

Inspiration – New York, New York