Off to New Zealand

Inspiration – Off to New Zealand. Psyching… Its winter time and cold!

You guys are crazy

Inspiration – My friends from dip lab Japan are nuts.

A New Slang

A new slang

WASB & Labracadabra Summer Kick Hoff

Such a great night! Thanks to all who came out…

WASB – Summer Kick off at Labracadabra // stills

WASB – Summer Kick off at Labracadabra // Stills

The Road to Joshua’s Tree House

The Road to Joshua’s Tree House.

Movie Screening Tonight

Labracadabra, Costa Mesa. 7 p.m. tonight. Its on!

Climbing Rock

Climbing Rock

Newly Used Home Furnishings

Some new goodies for the bungalow – found on the streets of Bro-Cal.

The final frontier

Been inspired by old shots of the moon recently. Gonna get there someday…

Art & Copy

Inspiration – Short teaser for a documentary on advertising.

From Thailand & Malaysia With Love – Long Time

Bro’s recent wanderings in the great South East.

Command Mass

Here’s a few goodies shot for Command Mass. Check out the write up!

Joey Bettencourt Photography

My buddy Joey’s studio work is mind blowing and inspiring!

AHSI Spring 2010

AHSI spring 2010 commercial.

12th Annual Wood Racquet Classic

Photos from the last WRC. This year is going to be awesome! More info here.


Spent the night dilly dallying with some lights, camera, and action.


L-O-V-E | GY commercial for the annual Kamakura film festival in Japan.

Pottery Barn

The real deal : Costa Mesa

Simply Amusing

Repurposed inspiration floating amongst the vast sea of interweb imagery.

Mainland or Bust

Blast from the past. Juan of many insane adventures.

AHSI commercial

Stills from a commercial for AHSI salon in Newport. Video coming soon!

From Singapore With Love

Bro is wandering the great South East. Here’s a few stills from my old SLR he borrowed.

Spot . Secret

Nooks with the right swell direction and a pinch of ambition = a ton of fun.

Howe – Holiday 2010 Shoot

Couldn’t have pulled it off without such a great team. Hats off to you guys!

Island Fever 1.3

Island Fever 1.3

Island Fever 1.2

Island Fever 1.2

Island Fever 1.1

Island Fever 1.1

Sammer Time

My buddy Sammy lives and breathes art. Inspiring. Here’s some of his work.

Diamond in the rough

Diamond Head night session with Honolulu’s very own Auntie Heather.