Taxi ride to the airport. Excited to head ‘home’

Bamboo Forest


Bamboo Forest stroll – Chengdu, China

Tub Time

LEGSHangin in the tub after a long day

Push Cart II


I gave this ‘food cart’ a chance until I saw the black oil in the wok. I won’t go into much of what I thought, but there’s stories of ‘recycling’ and ‘up-cycling’ cooking oil in China. Glad I walked away from a potential stomach ache.

Push Cart I


In NYC we have huge metal carts carrying Mediterranean treats. Here’s one of many methods the Chinese cruise around slinging food.


Lazy Panda


Took a day off today with the crew to follow Pandas around – Chengdu, China

In the Studio


Got to hop in the studio this week and shoot some stuff for a new line my friend Caroline is working on. Pumped to share more down the line once the brand is further developed and launched.