The Noble One

LBBrice Lenoble getting down on the keys. First met this dude a few years back on the streets after a late night stroll with a few friends. Really dig the sound his band puts out – Its kinda Indie Electro Rock with a good post-folk groove. Creative and well balanced with half the band weighing in on sound engineering, mixing, and production. Looking like they got a bright future ahead. A Rainmaker – Paris.

Beyond the Depths


Freddy K – He’s crazy. But a good friend, writer, director, photographer, etc… Here he is outside on the terrace in between brainstorming. Paris.

Le Carrousel Gardens


This is Tony. His little group just signed to Sony, France. Cool dude. They’re recording a new album this summer in Paris. Pumped to be around to catch all the action. Rainy day shot of the young lad. Le Carrousel Gardens – Bordeaux