Open Thoughts

OBMegan . NYHW – Orange County . NY


BWBetween the trees

Morning Coffee

KBBrewster in the house – Upstate NY

Summer 13

Summer started up a little late. June felt like the start of April in Paris. Was great to get off the plane in July straight into Summer and back on track with American living. Did a lot of running around between California and New York the last few months. Thankful for all the time spent with old friends and new. Had a blast working and playing. This was my Summer. Looking forward to the next… Enjoy!


In the California Desert


OGSet . Hike – Carla Fletcher . Costa Mesa . CA

Time Mapping

KSCalifornia Drylands – Kore Swim


Meat Market



Troubled Waters


Troubled Waters

Window to the Soul

OLBig Sur . CA

Summer Daze

BBSo long sweet summer – Sister Bron rocking the “onesie” . NY

Central Coasting

BTCentral Coasting – CA

Grandfather Mountain

KAGrandfather Mountain – Koets – NC