Rocky Roads

Finding warmth among the rocks.

Fall Mixer

Good Fall 2010 Mixer

Brother Keith

Inspiration – Stills from my buddy’s river romp down the Grand Canyon. Rad.

Spark Crackle Pop

Colours gone mute.

Eco Minded

Inspiration – Eco Minded.

Johnny’s Love Of Majik

Pheasant studios with Corey Gash and Matt Costa.


Inspiration – Fish

Photos Inside a Photo

Photos inside a photo.


Inspiration – Travel

Summer 2010 Reel

Summer 2010 reel


Inspiration – This is awesome.

Out With The Old

Put a new set of strings on one of my old geets. The thing sounds amazing!

Depths Of The Sea

Inspiration – Thank you Life Magazine.

Mexican Goods Volume Two

More frames from the Good Clothing Mexico shoot.


Inspiration – Simple and colorful.

Mexican Goods Volume One

Here’s a few frames from a photo shoot down in Mexico for Good Clothing.

Southern Light

I’ve been digging the vibe of this little spot in Laguna.

Good Sunsets

Lifestylin’ at sunset for Good Clothing.


Inspiration – Really digging this shot.

Baja Round Dos

Three day weekend down in Mexico with the crew!

Project Branding

Behind the scenes of another Command Mass shoot.

Baja Round Juan

Three day weekend down in Mexico with the crew!




Of Fall

Garments with Yoki

Shots from a little secret spot up north. Here’s Jeff gathering samples for GY.


Inspiration – Beach

JD for Good

Some shots of JD rocking out for an e commerce campaign. Rad!

Miroslav Tichy

Inspiration – Quote

Project Branding

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with Command Mass.