Jungle Looks

IMG_9910Jungle looks for the team over at Calo, Tulum

Into the sunset

SSIMexican Sunsets

Teach a man to fish

BTChef Fabio inspecting tonight’s dinner

Mexico City Jams

EQueen of Condesa – Erika . Mexico City


Gualaca Mini Canyons – PANAMA


BSGualaca Mini Canyons – PANAMA

Bring Your Camera

DP‘Let’s go on a surf trip in between jobs and bring our cameras’ – Art Director Parr


IQIndigo quilts by Fait La Force


DZAlgarve . Portugal

Tamara Levinson – Campos Teaser for the New Jock

Got to work with Tamara Levinson – Campos in LA the other day. Had a blast shooting for The New Jock and hearing Tamara’s story. Looking forward to her feature on the site in the near future.

Tamara Levinson – Campos Teaser for the New Jock


A photo still from a shoot with Tamara Levinson – Campos for an upcoming feature on The New Jock

Board Caddy

PABoard caddy at Big Sur’s Pfeiffer Beach



Shooting some stills and moving picture for a project with my buddy Cesar here. He’s a designer 9-5 and a hard working triathlete training during his free time.

Bamboo Forest


Bamboo Forest stroll – Chengdu, China

Tub Time

LEGSHangin in the tub after a long day

Push Cart II


I gave this ‘food cart’ a chance until I saw the black oil in the wok. I won’t go into much of what I thought, but there’s stories of ‘recycling’ and ‘up-cycling’ cooking oil in China. Glad I walked away from a potential stomach ache.

Swissies in Tokyo


En route to the Tokyo Tower – Got to catch up with the talented Felix Pfaffli and his Swiss design team in Tokyo. Great human being with an amazing body of work.

Vans Europe


Got to work with the talented athletes from the Vans Europe surf team this last weekend during the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. Here’s french mermaid Maud le Car en route to shred Lowers Trestles.

Premium 8


Contributed to premium 8 japan with a photo and a rant on culture and life in NYC. Check it out if your by newsstands and can read Japanese!

Kore 16

A still from the Kore Swim shoot – South Hampton, NY


Tree House Vibes

THCoffee & Tree House vibes – Santa Cruz



A few years back some friends found a plot of land to build on in the highlands of Santa Cruz. I came back for a visit the other day to have a few glasses of wine and christen in their new Earthship.


KORE 16 PREVIEW – Also up on The Gram Here !

Blue Building

PJAomori, Japan

Lefting in Chile


A shot of me setting up from a few months back en route to Patagonia. Surfers Journal Europe will be running some images I shot from our trip. Stay tuned…

Framed Up


Mrs. Parr all framed up at the Taj

Delhi Kids

GSDelhi Kids

Ricky Rick Shaw

RRDelhi, India

Kamakaze Wallride

RDSKamakaze Wallride – Aomori, Japan

Tokyo with Yoon Ambush


Had a killer time running around Tokyo with Yoon Ambush the other week. Pics and words up on The Food Life

Ryokan Nesting Grounds

Got to stay in a Ryokan the other night in Aomori and it was awesome!

Up and at Em

Ginza . Tokyo

Four Seasons Tokyo

The view from my window today – Four Seasons Tokyo – Thanks for the killer bag and gear Whillas and Gun !

Doubled Vision

Tati – Double up

Joke Joke Jokester

Actor, artist, model – Thailand’s answer to Johnny Depp – Joke for The Food Life

Sweet Kate

KSSweet Kate – FHM Thailand’s ‘Girl Next Door 2014’ for The Food Life

COS Hong Kong

Fun day shooting COS at Pier 4 in Hong Kong

Lunch Break

PFSeafood lunch in Peru.


Jessica Walsh

A shot of Jessica Walsh from the Latin America Design Festival in Lima, Peru. Had a great time talking shop and hearing story with all. Was honored to participate and looking forward to next year.

Edible Colours


Foraged Mexico City’s largest community garden for edible treats. Here’s what we got.

15 Seconds with Kore

15 seconds with Kore Swim – New clip up on the gram for the girls of Kore


TTTatiana – Black and White . Kore Swim





Marta II

MOMarta in Kore Swim

Marta I

MTMarta in Kore Swim

Chilean Shores


Beach vibes with the super lens . Island of Chiloe, Patagonia

Don Jose

OMDon Jose – Pullay . Chile

Shoe Making

CSDocumenting the artisanal process of a family tradition spanning three Argentine generations. Buenos Aires – Industry of All Nations

Summer Swing

CUKore Swim 15 hits the shelf soon. Pretty excited.