Patterns of Generic Youth

GY is gearing up for their grand opening in Japan this spring. Should be rad…

patterns of saddleback

Patterns of Saddleback_BLOG

…patterns of saddleback…

baile conmigo en el bosque

baile conmigo en el bosque – a tribute to the great outdoors…

The Grass is Greener


I wandered through the back roads of SoCal today for a breath of fresh air.

Brecht’s Shots


Psyched on these old shots Brecht Van’t Hof nailed a few months back!

Spike Jonze “I’m Here”

Spike Jonze is the man. Pumped for the “I’m Here” release…

Goodies From The Bungalow


Simple little details and patterns are rad. Here’s a few from my bungalow.

2010 Catalog Sampler

Spent hours on end tuning this thing in. Amped it’s finally done and ready to go!

Escott blowing up


A collage of my friend Scott’s work and photos from Generic Youth. Rad…

Saddleback Peak

old years

New Years Eve on Saddleback peak. T’was breathtaking.