Yonathan Lemmon

Inspiration – Classic Tracks

Pottery Barn // 2011

Pottery Barn // 2011


Inspiration – Blew – Landon Metz

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship – Thailandia

Hand Done – Well Done

Inspiration – Hand Done – Well Done

Fixed Gears

Fixed Gears

Bags Sleepin’

Inspiration – Bags Sleepin’

Rockin Red

Rockin Red

Keep on Truckin’

Keep on Truckin’

Joshua’s Tree House // Spring 2011 // Round 1

Joshua’s Tree House // Spring 2011 // Round 1

Built for Speed

Inspiration – Built for Speed

Argu’s Egg – Perspective # 1

Argu’s Egg – Perspective # 1


Inspiration – Of Life.

Day One

Camera Phone Shot – Day one on the new sled. T’was a hit.


Inspiration – Digging this artwork.

Spie Gamers

Getting sneaky with Sister Julieta in Paris at the local concert hall

Let’s Go

Inspiration – Let’s Go

Hippie Surf Style Round 2

La otra hermano de la Oficina de Hechos – Bilbao

Social Media and the New Age

Inspiration – Social media and the new age.

Ney Work

Out & About with Sister Cass – N.Y.Si


Inspiration – Schmidt

Foreign Daze

Basque Brother Mikel observing and enjoying Southern Californian obscurities.

Mess is More

Inspiration – Mess is More

Parisian Curator

Brother Jonathan Melgar – Parisian Curator

Wave Garden

Inspiration – Brother Indar shredding the Wave Garden.

Barden Prisant

NYC’s top art appraiser and future mayor. Brother Barden is the man!

Tingleberry Ting

Inspiration – Mi amigo “Ting” – Designer // Cheff Extraordinaire.

Puerto Lindo

Puerto Lindo

What the Hail

Inspiration – What the Hail

Hippie Surf Style Round 1

Un hermano de la Oficina de Hechos – Bilbao

La Pintura

Inspiration – Makes me smile.

What is Dis?

Not sure, but I want one. Digging the creative concept. Alaia meets twinny…!

Sinking Chip

Inspiration – Sinking Chip via brother Chad

Yes Please

Inspiration – Yes Please…!

Big City by the Sea

Thanks Barcelona!

Heads that Talk

Inspiration – Heads that talk

Cassandra in the City

Sister Cass – leather goods extraordinair – NYC

Doll House Blues

Inspiration – Cave Dwelling in Ireland

Dinner at the Sociedad

Dinner at the Sociedad – A Basque tradition

Bundled Up

Inspiration – Bundled Up – Landon Metz

Swimming in the Library

Swimming in the Library – Bilbao

Life Aguatic

Inspiration – Life Aguatic

Tiffany Chou Round One NYC

Working on a Tiffany Chou media project for ARWE. More to come. Stay tuned!

Mickey Dee’s

If you’re not first, you’re last. Sorry Ronald… – Mickey Dee’s // NYC

In Circles

Inspiration – Spinning Round

French Getaway

French Getaway

Da Bomba

Inspiration – Da Bomba

A View from Below

A view from below

Krowd Kontrol

Inspiration – Krowd Kontrol

Spanish Invasion

Surf contest & trip in Southern France with brothers from the Spanish Basque. T’was phun!