Coastal Adventure


I cruised around PCH with some friends today on a wave hunting adventure.

Fishin in the Fall

fall fishin

Here’s a few shots from a day trip I did with some friends out of Newport.

Mark your calendars


October 10th is gonna be sveet night at z  //BOATHOUSE collective\\

VW Truck Furrr Sale

Rare 1639 VW truck Furrr Sale @ Generic Youth. Czech it out!

11th annual wood racquet classic slideshow

Here’s a little slideshow I put together for the WRC event!

Yoki Yoga at GY

yoki yoga collage small

Yoki Yoga at GY Tuesdays and Thursday with Anamique and friends. 6-7 pm!

11th annual Wood Racquet Classic


Here’s a few goodies my buddies Dom, Brect, and I shot yesterday.

FiberFlex Shots

FF collage

Here’s a few goodies from Baja I sent over to fiberflex surfboards.

Cabo Parte Tres

cabo parte tres

Hurricane Jimena stirred things up a bit towards the end of the trip.