Corona Del Mar Roof Top

Corona Del Mar Roof Top – Breakfast with the crew. A healthy alternative.

Caterpillar Pete

Camerea Phone – Caterpillar Pete

Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead


Inspiration – O.P. – Brother Olin makin’ moves in Israel!

Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot

Stretchem Out

Inspiration – Stretchem Out

Mavericks Gun

Mavericks Gun – Pre Finished


Inspiration – Domo


Sister Alexandroid smiling pretty with her double layered glasses

Canyon Daze

Canyon Daze

Truck Stop

Truck Stop – Isn’t she precious?

Ze Burning Bush

Ze Burning Bush – Christmas tree disposal at the local beach pits

Jeff Yokoyama

Rangefinder Shot – Brother Jeff is the man

Mountain of Storms

Mountain of Storms – Miss you Patagonia…


Choes – A little bitta durt don’t hurt


Inspiration – Snowshoeing

On The Road

On The Road

Under the Sun

Under the Sun – Sister Lo stylin’ out

¡Yerba Maté!

Inspiration – ¡Yerba Maté! – Yesss!

Well Well Well

Well Well Well – Found this guy in a Santo Domingo retail spot. Oddly inspiring!



RIP Jack LaLanne

RIP Jack LaLanne – Worked with Jack’s son on a few ocean projects. Great phamily. RIP

Lip Service

Lip Service – Via brother Sam

This Close

Inspiration – I was this close yesterday. Amazing. Thanks Ryan for the shot!



Let it ride

Inspiration – Let it ride.

Space Project

Inspiration – Space Project



101 Roadside Jam

101 Roadside Jam – Marcus jimmin’ out to a view of the Ocean Bloo.

How the East was Juan

How the east was Juan – Dominican Style

Longitude, Latitude, Solitude

Longitude, Latitude, Solitude

Springing Into the New Year

Inspiration – Springing Into the New Year. Thanks J. Crew!

Louder Than Ever

Inspiration – Louder Than Ever. Diggin the storyline.

Pocket Protector

Surf has been all time lately. Here’s a shot my buddy Sam got of me gliding the other day.




Inspiration – Maze-A-Ing




Inspiration – MLKing

Sunset Sip

Sunset Sip

Pier Spot

Inspiration – Pier Spot

Coastal Composition

Coastal Composition

Tree of Lyfe

Inspiration – Tree of Lyfe

Please Phone Home

Inspiration – Please phone home

Mateo Morganichi

Inspiration – Mateo Morganichi. El es un buen fotógrafo, y un buen amigo.



Hebrew Nationals

Inspiration – Meticulously designed Israeli duffel. This thing is sweet.

Mexican Boat Jams

Here’s a chef from a boat trip in Mexico. Five seconds later he snapped my E string!

Phamous Stars and Stripes

Inspiration – Phamous Stars and Stripes

Downward Digression

Downward Digression – Brother Brandon’s back canyon antics.

Bottoms Up

Inspiration – Bottoms Up