Mexico Fail

On location failures in Oaxaca, Mexico with Chef Fabio


Cenote Action – Tulum (shot on Kodak Cube)


Gualaca Mini Canyons – PANAMA

Tamara Levinson – Campos Teaser for the New Jock

Got to work with Tamara Levinson – Campos in LA the other day. Had a blast shooting for The New Jock and hearing Tamara’s story. Looking forward to her feature on the site in the near future.

Nebuta Festival

Had a killer time documenting the Nebuta Festival for a tourism project in Aomori, Japan. Here’s a quick cut of what went down.




KORE 16 PREVIEW – Also up on The Gram Here !

Tokyo Goldfish


Made a little number of the Tokyo Fish Market – Check it out here on the gram

15 Seconds with Kore

15 seconds with Kore Swim – New clip up on the gram for the girls of Kore


PJLast shot from the Canyon back in CA. See you shortly NY!

Creation Station


Art making clip up on the gram – New York

Kore Swim Cut


A new clip up on the gram for the California Kore Swim girls

Strolling San Francisco


Tino from Rat Cheese strolling – clip up on the gram – San Fran

Nusa Lembongan Kelp Farms

NLBKelp farming clip up on the gram – Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

SAPA Market

SASunday Market Scramble clip up on the gram – SAPA, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay


Last few days in Ha Long Bay – New clip up on the gram


IGFarmers Market – Mekong Delta – New clip up on the gram 



New preview clip up on the gram – “Boogie

First Gram

GOFirst Instagram Post – Been living the archaic life…

The Most Interesting Mang in Newport Mesa

 Corey Says

The Last Weekend

Video + Edit . A little recap for The Last Weekend

Summer 13

Summer started up a little late. June felt like the start of April in Paris. Was great to get off the plane in July straight into Summer and back on track with American living. Did a lot of running around between California and New York the last few months. Thankful for all the time spent with old friends and new. Had a blast working and playing. This was my Summer. Looking forward to the next… Enjoy!


In the California Desert

Diana Markessinis making magic

Miss Diana Markessinis making magic

Spring Roll

Spring 13 – This Spring was quite a doozy. I booked a one way flight to Paris with a flat reserved for the season. Part of the time was spent on the road visiting friends in Europe and North Africa. The rest of the time was spent wandering around the city, studying French, and catching up with Parisian friends. In between all the cultural exchanges and wandering I managed to balance some freelance work along with an occasional sneaky peaky video voyeur action. Here’s a recap.

Cannes Teaser

A Red Season Shade – Cannes, FR – A Red Season Shade’s last performance as a band in an old Cathedral. The acoustics and candlelight aesthetic sealed the deal. Here’s a little teaser of the night.

Taksim Square :: ISTANBUL

Taksim Square – I’m not always the best at planning things out. A few weeks back I was informed that an old friend would be touching down in Turkey for a few days. Emails were exchanged, dates were solidified, and tickets were purchased. We ended up arriving in the middle of an interesting time in Turkey. Turkish friends in Paris had cautioned me not to go, but I did anyways, and I got to experience a revolution take place. Here’s what my camera caught one night on a walkabout through Taksim Square, Istanbul.


La Fin – Le Trailer :: New Project . Paris – Not much of a “trailer” but perhaps a preface or even “Parte 0” // More to come.

Barn to Table

Fresh squab from barn to table


2 1 . 0 2

Front to Back – 2 1 . 0 2

je m’appelle

je m’appelle

When I close my eyes…

“When I close my eyes…” – Some music and footage I pieced together as of late

Le Balayage

A set I worked on with my talented buddy Joey for AHSI

New York Heartwoods

New York Heartwoods

Miss Taylor Nelson

Miss Taylor Nelson – Malibu’s princess shredder

Summer 2012

Summer 2012


 “Mayshower” by Bird Courage – Performed at a camp cafeteria – Catskills . NY


Corey Gash

A piece for the talented Corey Gash

My Lover Keeps Me Warm

A piece for the boys over at Flying Sparks. Dig their sound. Shot in Newport Beach, CA.

Kramer & Cope + Harvester Gallery

A video for some friends that just put this together up in Hudson, NY


Southern Roads

B-Roll footage from a recently commissioned project in the Appalachians.

Floridian Tears

Last week’s tears from the sky. I wrote the sound sample a few weeks back in California. Video for the tune soon to come.

Night Train Surfboards

Just launched a new site for JT over at Night Train Surfboards. I weighed in on some video work, product photography, and creative direction. Check it out here. The concept for the media piece above was to blend footage from my travels along with footage of JT doing his thing. We both share a similar approach to “art” , board design, and wandering. Fun project to be a part of… Order a board or two, they’re insane.

The Tulips at The Pheasant Studios

Here’s a little deal I did for my friends the other day. Fun!

And We’re Baaaa

ck – Yes, its true we are back and healthier than ever. Thanks to my web guru friends Olin and Joey for the help! To celebrate, here’s a little deal I recently meshed together of some images from 2011. Stay tuned, some great things ahead for 2012. Be well. Cheers! – J

Fall 2011

 Noises & Visuals – Fall 2011


Who is… Vol 1

Who is… Vol 1


Ode to Mr. Jobs

Audio Visual

Audio Visual – Some imagery and sounds from Summer 2011

Un dia en me Chorts

Un dia en me chorts