10 Leagues

Inspiration – Under the Sea

Click Yo Heels

Click yo heels


Inspiration – Eames

Training for the Big Leagues

Brother Josh training for the big leagues on a lay day of small surf. Hualien, Taiwan.

Routing and Rerouting

Camera Phone Shot – Routing and Rerouting

Middle Eastern Madness

Inspiration – Middle Eastern Madness – Pakistan


Hualien, Taiwan

Marble Mountain Idols

Marble Mountain Idols – Da Nang


Camera Phone Shot –  How’s that old school Cubs graphic?

Mr. Nelson’s Axe

Inspiration- Mr. Nelson’s Axe

I See a Good Moon Falling

Sunrise. Moon Fall.

All Cooped Up

All Cooped Up


Navigasian – Island Jamming – Tailandia Speedboat

Brian Ferry Photography

Inspiration – Brian Ferry Photography. 35mm dreams.


Bariloche, Argentina – One from the archives

Satun Province

Muslim Bus Stop Blues – Satun, Thailand – Eerie little town


Inspiration – Kool

Tennis Chorts

Tennis Chorts – Playing a little too hard…

Presi-dents’ Dia

Inspiration – Presi-dents’ Dia – Back in the land of the Phree. How suiting…

Mr. Gash at it again!

Mr. Gash at it again!


Inspiration – Vinter SKIIII

Night Bus

Night Bus – Taiwan

Light Edge

Light Edge

Minni Simmie

Inspiration – Mini Simmie. ¡phÜn!

Chirp Charp

Chirp Charp – Came across this bird a few weeks back. Pretty mysto little guy.

New Zealand Waiting Period

New Zealand Waiting Period – From the 2010 archives by Mikey.



Smokey Infantry

Inspiration – Smokey Infantry


Inspiration – Somehow stumbled over to Taiwan. This place is nuts!

20 // 80 Vision

Inspiration – 20 // 80 Vision

Night Shadows

Night Shadows – At Labracadabra


Inspiration – What a shot!

Montevideo by Bus

Montevideo by Bus – 2008

Bird Walker

Camera Phone Shot – Dancing with the Birds.

River Crossing

River Crossing – Southern lovin’ long time

Dansin’ Under the Sun

Dansin’ Under the Sun

Subway Moment

Subway Moment – Bangkok

Store Phront

Inspiration – Store Phront

Village Hopping

Village Hopping – Biking round

Lunar New Year

Inspiration – Been enjoying the crazy month long celebration of the Lunar New Year in Nam.

Moon Me

Inspiration – Moon me.

Devendra Banhart

Inspiration – Devendra Banhart screenshot from Oliver Peoples 2011 media campaign.

Brighter Than Life

Brighter Than Life – Brother Marcus paddling out to the line up at Church.

Renegade Grenade

Bumper bikes on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City

Judgement Day

Corona del Mar – Searching for John Conner. Winter 2011.

Underground Tunnel

Underground Tunnel – War perspective. Big Sur, California.

On a Boat

On a Boat

Marble Mountain Miner

Marble Mountain Miner

SUP Ze Coast

Inspiration – SUP Ze Coast

Hold on Tight

Junior holding on for dear life.