Yerba Mate

Thanks for being so good to me in the mornings!


Inspiration – Vacancy

Saint Iago

Can Yon Pat Terns.

March Madness

Inspiration – March Madness

Burgita Margarita

Burger shots for a Column Five Media infographic. Here’s the article post.

Tommy Boy

Inspiration – Mr. Waits

The Local Bomb Shelter

Volcom Haus bomb shelter Costa Mesa. Built during the Cold War era.

Peter Lindbergh Photography

Inspiration – Radness


Stumbled upon these guys the other week at a shoot.

Boonville Mud Run

Mud puddles and rainy days with the good old truck = Complete Epicness!


Mixture of a shot I found on the interwebs and my Parisian friend E.

A Present Surprise

Made this little guy for my friends over at GY Japan. Its a very complex design.

Audio Visual

Inspiration – Really dig the sounds and visuals in this campaign.

Spot Check

Spot Check with Tea in the Woods

I Hope So

Inspiration – These guys are the future. Looking forward to a bright one!

Marcus Polus

Brother Marcus for Tea in the Woods.

Sign Spoonage

Inspiration – Sign Spoonage


The mighty shaka

Dip Lab for Ponyo Mixer

Borrowed media from my friends over at Dip Lab Japan and the Ponyo crew.

Colour Me Mine

Cali, Colombia meets the ladies of the wild west via colour-train.

Shoot the Moon

Inspiration – Shoot the moon.

Morning Grinds

Neighbor left these on the porch. They were tasty. Thanks Sherrie!

It’s that time of year again

Inspiration – Pumpkin Patches & Canadian Tuxedos. Wait… Is that a costume?

Cottage by the Sea

Cottage by the Sea

Jimi Gleason

Inspiration – Jimi’s paintings are spectacular.

Curls Upon Curls Upon Curls

Came across this gal the other day. How cool is her hair!

Tunnel Vision

Inspiration – Tunnel Vision

San O No Free

San O No Free


Inspiration – Don’t have the patience for this, but this guy is awesome.

Indian Summer

September 30th was great. Thank you camera phone for the documentation.

Sticks Not Stones

Inspiration – Reflections