Letttin Goe

Inspiration – Letttin Goe

Rawk Formaciones

Rawk Formaciones – Joshua’s Tree House

Prepping for the Cane

Inspiration – Prepping for the Cane

A-Dawg’s Stache

Brother Aaron’s Stache – How bout that snazzy suit too! – Seattle

The Toob

Inspiration – The Toob

Ddduck Tales

Ddduck Tales

Pair of Choots

Inspiration – Pair of Choots

Un dia en me Chorts

Un dia en me chorts

Koastal Getsavay

Inspiration – Koastal Getsavay



Lining up the Bridge

Inspiration – Lining up the Bridge

Lownjing Arownd

Lownjing Arownd – Joshua’s Tree Howse

Rawk Circall

Inspiration – Rawk Circall

Media on the Go Go

Media on the Go Go – Donosti

Krazy Kanadians

Inspiration – Not True

Patterns of Roma

Patterns of Roma


Inspiration – Fleye

Boats, Boats & More Boats

Boats, Boats & More Boats – Cinque Terre

eSkate er Dye

inspiration – eSkate er Dye

Smile for the Fourth

Sister Andrea on the 4th

Summer in the City

Inspiration – Summer in the City

Walk Abowt

Walk Abowt – Amalfi Coast

Moldie Voooooood

Inspiration – Moldie Voooooood

When in Rome

When in Rome

Bobby D Backstage

Inspiration – Bobby D Backstage

Flying into the Pond

Flying into the Pond – Cinque Terre

Skip the Charades

Inspiration – Digging the art direction in this piece

Venezian Boat

Venezian Boat

Raining on Her Parading

Inspiration – Raining on Her Parading

eSweet Marine

eSweet Marine – Paris

Marque Of Excellencioso

Inspiration – Marque Of Excellencioso


Playa Privado – Italiaaaaaaa


Inspiration – Alignmentasian

Italian Lemonade Man

Came across this dude off to the side of a hiking trail in Northern Italy.

Piano Mang

Inspiration – Piano Mang

Negotiating a Dealio

Negotiating a Dealio

Ze Beach Blanketa

Inspiration – Ze Beach Blanketa

Downward View

Downward View – Paris

Geometricalistic Operativo

Inspiration – Geometricalistic Operativo

Moor Rawks

Moor Rawks – Joshua’s Tree House

Spin me Rownd

Inspiration – Spin me Rownd

Taipei Transit

Taipei Transit

Incoming and Outgoing

Inspiration – Incoming and Outgoing

Bay Area Bart eStacion

Bay Area Bart eStacion

Ernestito Hemingway

Inspiration – Ernestito Hemingway

Jonathan Melgar // Paris

Visited Brother Jon the other day in Paris. Dig his 35mm work.

Sunsets & Solitude

Inspiration – Sunsets & Solitude

Jam eSandwich

Jam eSandwich – Drums and bass


Inspiration – Turn that frown upside down

Laughing and eSmiling

Laughing and eSmiling