Basque-ing Paris


Miss Marta – San Sebastian’s pride and joy hanging tight – Paris.

Guiding the Dead Lands

KSMuhammad – Our young guide through the Sahara. Feels good to be back in “normal” non 100+ degree weather.

Cannes Teaser

A Red Season Shade – Cannes, FR – A Red Season Shade’s last performance as a band in an old Cathedral. The acoustics and candlelight aesthetic sealed the deal. Here’s a little teaser of the night.

Cannes without the Festival


My Turk buddy Gorcel on drums for A Red Season Shade – One fine night in Cannes, France

Keepin it Classy


Fisherman – La Rochelle

English Man

ERFrom California to Kenya to Paris – 7 year reunion with brother Mowgli – Ryan English :: NGO Extraordinaire + Audio Visionary

Grabbing Screen


Cataluna’s Gerard Sole Carbonell doing his best mafia look. Screen grab – La Rochelle, France.

Taksim Square :: ISTANBUL

Taksim Square – I’m not always the best at planning things out. A few weeks back I was informed that an old friend would be touching down in Turkey for a few days. Emails were exchanged, dates were solidified, and tickets were purchased. We ended up arriving in the middle of an interesting time in Turkey. Turkish friends in Paris had cautioned me not to go, but I did anyways, and I got to experience a revolution take place. Here’s what my camera caught one night on a walkabout through Taksim Square, Istanbul.

Sunny Day

BSGoProShot – Paddling/Peddling the Black Sea – Agva . Turkey




Patriot living in building after 4 days of resisting Turkish Police. Taksim Square, Istanbul


GHGP – Promo . Paris.