Foreign Territory


Little Miss Delfi – Uruguayan born Argentine – Rooftop in NYC – Thousands of miles away from her Buenos Aires home


10Morning Thoughts – Istanbul

The Great



CGCorey Gash – Costa Mesa . CA

Pucker Up

AMMiss Marta lookin’ pretty for the camera . Paris



My buddy Jeff’s Newport Beach living room – shot for some magazine I can’t remember. Excited to get back to California for a few.

Castles in the Sky

2Sintra . Portugal

Kiss and Tell

BBAnother Sunday afternoon in NYC – See ya soon California

Balancing Act

1Suburbs of Marrakech

Oceanic Slums

AIEssaouira . Morocco – Taking it easy

Doggy Bag


Beachward Bound – Ben and Bali en route to the beach

Lisboa Flea

LFLisboa Flea – Winded down my last day in Portugal (this last June) with what Lisboa locals call the “thieves market.” Flea markets are the best representation of past tastes, styles, and culture. European fleas are great as there’s always a variety of goods from all around that have somehow found their way into these markets.

Cruisin’ Coastal


Miss Ahern from LYMN – Queens . NYC



Met Jose and his family a few years back in Ecuador on a blogging trip for a Quiksilver Pro Juniors contest. He was an incredible human being and an inspiration to latin american surfers in and out of the water. Here’s a surfline article on this legendary waterman. Rest well Jose!

In Session


School Desk – An oldie from an abandoned school in Panama City – circa 2008

Early Morning Scramble

BNRockaway Beach . Queens . NY – Woke up early, hopped into the car with a few friends, and booked it down to the beach. The waves were small, but it was a nice, peaceful, and warm morning. Managed to get a few extra exposures out of a B&W roll from Europe. Pumped on how this one came out.

Turkish Perspectives

DMTurkish gent Hamir keepin’ it classy – Istanbul

Dunes of Pyla


Mr. English styling his way through the Dunes of Pyla outside the wine country of Bordeaux.





The Great Sahara – Growing up I remember studying up on Northern Africa, and regions of the Sahara. I always imagined it would be one of the last places I would make it to. This excursion in Morocco was rough as temperatures were hovering around 107 that week in Marrakech. I ended up sleeping outside during my nights in the desert and getting 3 hours average per night. But it was all worth it as the sights were breathtaking.

Signs of Age


IIEssaouira – Tea Shop

Spring Roll

Spring 13 – This Spring was quite a doozy. I booked a one way flight to Paris with a flat reserved for the season. Part of the time was spent on the road visiting friends in Europe and North Africa. The rest of the time was spent wandering around the city, studying French, and catching up with Parisian friends. In between all the cultural exchanges and wandering I managed to balance some freelance work along with an occasional sneaky peaky video voyeur action. Here’s a recap.

Next Gen

BIIstanbul – Eastern Youth