Tres Amigas

Inspiration – Tres Amigas

El Cuatro de Julio en el Barco

El Cuatro de Julio en el Barco – Camera Phone Shot


Inspiration – Chiiiina

Joshua’s Tree House // Sundown

Joshua’s Tree House // Sundown

Los Andes

Inspiration – Los Andes

Basque Jellies

Basque Jellies – Blue Bottleneckers

Off to ze Racez

Inspiration – See you in a few Pariiii

Summer Smiles on the Sailboat

Summer Smiles on the Sailboat

Mistah Lee

Inspiration – Mistah Lee

Olito Pattersonia

My friend Brother Olin

Stuck in a Tricky Sijuation

Inspiration – Stuck in a tricky sijuation

Dansin with Light

Dansin with light

Mountain of Yewth

Inspiration – Mountain of Yewth

When the Tymes Get Tuff

Run for Phun!


Inspiration – Thank you Sister Shina once again for another beautiful shot!

Alicia on ze Boat

Alicia on ze Boat


Inspiration – Cameraz


The Gash Phamily

The Gash Phamily

Clarks Shoes

Inspiration – Clarks Shoes


Little miss Yokoyama.


Inspiration – Kontemplasianista

Fireworks from ze Boat

Celebrated the 4th on the water. Sveet.

Inphinite Lineas

Inspiration – Inphinite Lineas

Raku Night

Pottery with the boys from Tea in the Woods

Rockin’ Bed

Inspiration – Rockin’ Bed

Yellow Sammarine

Brother Sam – Yellow


Brother Scott – Undervater

Sk8 or Dye

Inspiration – Sk8 or Dye

Galley Mocean

Galley Mocean – Sister Andrea de Madrid


Inspiration – Rayce

Spring 2011 Slider

Money Talks

Inspiration – Money Talks

Literary Genius

Brother Jake – Literary Genius. First published piece of work out very soon. Stoked!

Casssssandra NYC

Inspiration – Mah Friend Cass – Amazing shoe maker and extraordinary human being.

Julia Cuatro

Julia Cuatro – Under the Sun

MaMa Say MaMa Say MaMa Say

Inspiration – MaMa Say MaMa Say MaMa Say – Old film shot of mamacita

Gear Guru

Brother Marcus – Outdoor enthusiast and gear guru.


Inspiration – bauhaus

Line Tans

Brother Jack – Line Tans – En route to Alaskaaa – Safe travels!

Esparanza Spalding

Inspiration – Esparanza Spalding

Jeff Yokoyama // Orange Street Alley

Jeff Yokoyama // Orange Street Alley

Sinkang Chip

Inspiration – Sinkang Chip

Owpen Espacios

Cow Country Kalifornia

Blak and Vhite – Zarautz

Inspiration – Blak and Vhite – Zarautz

Loth Angeleth

Brother Marcus cruisin up ze beach at a little secret espot up in Loth Angeleth

Done Hand

Inspiration – Done Hand

Chaqueta Rojo

Chaqueta Rojo – Brother Sam

Komplikated Sijuation

Inspiration – Komplikated Sijuation

Barn Yurd Bliss

Barn Yurd Bliss

Rok Scaling

Inspiration – Rok Scaling – Photo by Brother Sam